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"Cairn Consulting does fantastic work. When I need political advice, I call Sam. He gets it done."

Shaun McClusky, Radio Host & Business Owner



"To use a baseball analogy -- like politics, America's past time --  the difference between great hitters and streaky hitters is consistency. Time and again great hitters perform. The performance is not an accident. It takes study, practicing their craft and realizing that a 2 -1 count is different then a 3-0 count, etc.  Sam Stone approaches politics in such a manner.  He is dedicated to his craft and has the studious and preparatory nature to deliver time and again for his clients.  I recommend him without hesitation."

Chuck Warren, Managing Director, Silver Bullet, LLC.


"Sam Stone is one of the most politically knowledgeable and savvy individuals I have ever come in contact with. He has a fantastic sense of both sides of the chess board which makes him invaluable to any campaign or organization. If you are looking for a “Yes Man” Sam is not for you. If you want an educated, honest assessment or strategy for any organization or campaign then you want Cairn Consulting."

Christopher J. Flowers, Former Candidate CD 7 Arizona

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