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Experience, Creativity, Accuracy
At Cairn Consulting, we take the time to sit down and understand your needs first. We focus on creative, individual solutions designed to maximize the potential of your business or campaign by:

Conducting market, consumer or voter research in your community.

Identifying target demographics and developing marketing strategies to target those individuals using a variety of techniques including micro-targeting and clone data modeling.

Developing data-driven messaging or advertising strategies to maximize the return on your investment.

Supporting your long-term success with regular reviews of your goals, needs and objectives.
Petition Gathering - We now offer comprehensive petition gathering and ballot access services. 
Campaign Strategy & Consultation
Media and Communications
Social Media Management and Development
GOTV Assistance, including live call and door knocking services
Media Production 

Samuel G. Stone

Managing Partner

Samuel Stone has served on numerous candidate and initiative campaigns, including managing three campaigns for the U.S. House of Representatives. He has also worked as Arizona State Director for FreedomWorks For America, and most recently as National Campaign Manager for the Civics Education Initiative.


Samuel has extensive experience in all forms of media outreach, including television, radio, print advertising, internet, and social media development.

David J. Spielman



David Spielman has served a key role in a number of political and issue-based organizations, having run campaigns ranging from House and Senate races, state and local education initiatives, and digital campaigns.


David began his career as deputy director of an Arizona congressional race. After returning to Washington, DC he spent three years as campaigns coordinator for FreedomWorks the largest grassroots advocacy organization in America.


David has also worked as outreach manager for National School Choice Week and in Silicon Valley where he managed clients for


David has extensive experience in grassroots organizing, coalition management, lobbying, digital and email marketing, social media strategy and campaign management.

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